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Sponsor a Child

Leaving an abusive home is simply the first step for many domestic violence survivors. After leaving, she needs to rebuild her life, often from scratch, and find ways to support her children.

Our child sponsorship programme gives women and their children a temporary leg up, after they have left our crisis shelter. Sponsors donate RM100 a month, which we then channel directly to the mothers, to help support their children’s education and living expenses.


The RM100 that I receive monthly through the Child Sponsorship Programme helps me pay my son's school transport fees. This programme helps many single mothers like me who face financial problems. I am thankful to my sponsor for the help. May God Bless them always.

- Satya, domestic violence survivor

Bantuan child sponsorship oleh WAO membantu saya meringankan perbelanjaan persekolahan anak saya. Terima kasih, WAO.

- Mira, domestic violence survivor

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Make a monthy donation of RM100 per child to further a child’s education.

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