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Join us as a member and help advance gender equality in Malaysia. Our members participate in various initiatives, including raising awareness about domestic violence, volunteering at our shelter, advocating for public policy reform, among other activities. As our member, you will also be invited to our Annual General Meeting, where you’ll have a say in shaping the direction of WAO.

What Our Members Say

Being a member of WAO has broadened my perspective of real-life issues that women who have been abused face. It has also given me the opportunity to serve the community in ways that I never imagined.

– Malligah Suppiah, WAO Member

I first read about WAO’s story back in 2001, which inspired me. I wanted to be a part of this organisation, so I joined as a member and volunteer. Being a member, I am empowered by the knowledge that I’ve gained through their work and awareness on women’s rights. The wonderful work that WAO has done for women and children makes me proud to be a part of this amazing organisation.

– Mok Chuang Lian, WAO Member

As a member, it has been very inspiring to be part of WAO’s amazing work and campaigns for gender equality. There’s always so much going on and I have enjoyed the opportunity to work on different things with such a passionate, energetic and fun team at WAO!
– Tashia Peterson, WAO Member

What is expected of WAO Members?

Members are expected to subscribe to our mission, objectives, and core values, exercise membership privileges in a responsible manner, and most importantly – be sincere.

In reciprocation, we commit to provide members with access to our financial statements, decision-making during Annual General Meeting (AGM) and relevant updates on governance of WAO through our Annual Report.

In accordance with the Societies Act (1966), we will prepare financial statements to be tabled at our AGM held every April. Members are invited to attend to examine the financial statement, vote on matters arising, or stand as a candidate of the Executive Committee (EXCO).

Am I eligible for membership with WAO?

Yes, as long as you are aged eighteen (18) years and above, and subscribe to the objectives of Women’s Aid Organisation as a society. Any person irrespective of race, religion or gender will be considered.

What is the difference between a WAO member and a WAO volunteer?

As a WAO member, they will be entitled to the following benefits, which WAO volunteers do not have: 

  1. Attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is held every April.
  2. Raise any issues or concerns during the AGM and vote on them. 
  3. Take part in discussions on the overall direction and strategy of the organisation.
  4. Stand for elections for the Executive Committee (EXCO) positions — EXCO members work closely with the WAO staff to ensure that the organisation is moving forward as strategised and according to WAO core values and policies.
  5. Access to WAO only events — internal and external (e.g., invitations to workshops, talks, WAO staff meetings). 

How do I apply to be a WAO Member?

Applicants can submit their applications via the online form available on the website or in person.



Fill up the online membership form.


If your application is successful, we will email you details about how to pay the membership fee of RM40 per year. Your membership will be activated once we have received the membership fee. We will then add you to our member mailing list to update you about various activities.

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