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For women facing domestic violence, access to shelter can save their lives. Shelter that is supportive and safe creates resilient survivors, who feel protected and empowered. It means more than a bed to sleep in and a roof over her head. It also means facilitating her access to physical safety, legal protection, justice and the postshelter support that will empower her to move towards a better, safer future that is free from violence.

The Domestic Violence Shelter Standards and Toolkit aims to:

  • Promote the concept of safe and supportive shelter for women surviving domestic violence as an alternative to remaining in the violent home, or becoming homeless in order to avoid the violence
  • Ensure safe, confidential and caring accommodation is provided for women survivors of domestic violence and their children
  • Strengthen the support for the spectrum of services provided by trained personnel that is required for the woman survivor: from safe space accommodation options, to case management support, to empowerment programs for women survivors of domestic violence.
  • Increase the access of women survivor of domestic violence to community resources that can enhance their well-being, empowerment and independence.
  • Promote the resiliency of women survivors of domestic violence to be more aware of the options available to them; and to increase their confidence in decision making.
  • Strengthen the capacity of civil society, shelter providers, government agencies and other community based actors in providing access care, support and protection to women survivors of domestic violence.
  • Encourage the start-up of more shelters for women surviving domestic violence.
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