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Help Us Raise Funds for Our Shelter

We provide free shelter, counselling, and crisis support to women and children who experience violence so they can heal and thrive. Help us to continue changing lives, by making a donation. Every little bit counts!

You can deposit your donation to:

Women’s Aid Organisation

Women’s Aid Organisation


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, donations that are above RM 50 will be eligible for a tax exemption.

In order to get a tax-exemption receipt (TER) from the organisation, individual donors must provide complete information of the following details:

  • Proof of transaction
  • Donor’s full name as per IC/passport
  • NRIC number/passport number
  • The complete mailing address of the current residence of the donor

For corporate donation, please also include Company Name, Company Registration No. and Mailing Address for the delivery of the Tax-Exempt Receipt.

Details, as required above, must be emailed to

Yes, in order to do so, you will need to email us to receive the digital copy of the TER. Our organisation sends physical copies of TER every two weeks (twice a month).

Should you require the current year’s TER, please submit an email to us no later than/by 31st December in order for us to take action and send out the TER immediately.

Do note that any request for TER after the year of donation made shall be refused/declined.

*All donations of RM 50 and above will receive a tax exempt receipt. To get a tax-exempt receipt, email your proof of transaction, name, IC No., contact number, & mailing address to

Here are some examples of the impact of your donation:

We are a Core Humanitarian Standard member working towards accreditation.
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