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WAO Hotline (03 7956 3488) and SMS/WhatsApp line TINA (018 988 8058)

What can I contact the WAO Hotline/TINA about?

We provide advice and support for domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and other forms of violence against women.

What kind of support is given via the WAO Hotline/TINA?

We provide women with information about their rights and options. Women can also make face-to-face appointments through the WAO Hotline/TINA and subsequently access other services such as shelter and social work.

Who can contact the WAO Hotline/TINA?

We prefer to speak directly to survivors, so we can better understand their situation. Nonetheless, we also speak to friends and family of survivors, to advise them on how to support survivors. We do not, however, contact survivors on the request of their friends or family, unless we have express consent fromsexyxxx.ccOutdoor blow job and fucking – outdoor, sex, hardcoreHave a look at wild fucking – blowjob,teen,hardcoreTeenage chick fucking with fake agent – still,teenage,girl3-Way Porn – Friday The 13th Threesome In A Cabin In The Woods – threesome,3some,blonde survivors for us to contact them.

We also welcome case referrals from other NGOs and agencies. In these cases, we would want to speak directly with the survivors, to ensure that they consent to receive our services.

I'm not sure if it's abuse. Can I still contact WAO?

Abuse can be confusing, and sometimes it may not be clear whether you’re in an abusive relationship. If you’re unsure, you can always call us. We’ll be there to listen and help you make sense of what you’re experiencing.

I'm not ready to leave. Can you still assist me?

Regardless of where you’re at in your journey, we respect your decisions and we’re here to support you. We could assist you to create a safety plan, which outlines steps you can take to keep yourself safer while in an abusive relationship, and what to do in the event of an emergency.

If I've called before, can I still call again?

Yes, you are always welcome to call us.

Who answers the WAO Hotline/TINA?

Our team of trained volunteers, known as Crisis Support Officers, and our social workers answer the WAO Hotline/TINA.

What languages do you speak?

All of our team members who answer the WAO Hotline/TINA speak Bahasa Malaysia and English. Some of our colleagues also speak Mandarin, Tamil, and other dialects, and we can arrange for you to speak to them if you prefer to speak in these languages.

Are the Hotline/TINA services free?

Yes, all our services are free.

Social Work Services

What is social work?

A social worker will be assigned to you, to walk with you throughout your journey. Your social worker manages your case as a whole — laying out your rights and options, connecting you with resources, and helping you navigate the justice system (if you choose to pursue justice). This may include assisting you to make a police report and to apply for an Interim Protection Order.

Can I walk in for a face-to-face consultation?

We don’t do walk-in consultations. Instead, to schedule a face-to-face consultation, you can call the WAO Hotline at 03 7956 3488 or SMS/WhatsApp TINA at 018 988 8058.

Are social work services free?

Yes, all our services are free.

Do you provide legal advice and representation?

We provide legal advice related to domestic violence, sexual assault, and other forms of gender-based violence. Such cases are criminal cases, and thus a government-appointed Deputy Public Prosecutor will bring your case to court.

We do not represent clients in court for civil cases such as divorce and custody, but we may refer you to the legal aid centre or our network of lawyers.

If I don't want to take legal action, can you still assist me?

We understand that not all survivors want, or are ready, to take legal action. Regardless of where you’re at in your journey, we respect your decisions and we’re here to support you. We can still provide other services such as shelter, explore your options, and connect you with resources.

WAO Refuge

Who stays in the Refuge?

The Refuge is a temporary crisis shelter for women and their children who have faced domestic violence, sexual assault, and other forms of violence.

How do I enter the Refuge?

You can call the WAO Hotline at 03 7956 3488 or SMS/WhatsApp TINA at 018 988 8058, and we will then assess your case.

Do I have to pay to stay at the Refuge?

No, all our services are free.

Am I allowed to work or go out, while staying at the Refuge?

Yes, the Refuge is an open shelter, and residents are free to work or go out. Residents are, however, required to be back at the Refuge by a certain time.

How long can I stay at the Refuge?

Each case is unique and we will assess the needs of each resident. In general, residents may stay for up to three months.

Where is the Refuge?

We do not disclose the location of the Refuge, for security reasons.

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