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Being a member of WAO has broadened my perspective of real-life issues that women who have been abused face. It has also given me the opportunity to serve the community in ways that I never imagined.

– Malligah Suppiah, WAO Member

I first read about WAO’s story back in 2001, which inspired me. I wanted to be a part of this organisation, so I joined as a member and volunteer. Being a member, I am empowered by the knowledge that I’ve gained through their work and awareness on women’s rights. The wonderful work that WAO has done for women and children makes me proud to be a part of this amazing organisation.

– Mok Chuang Lian, WAO Member

As a member, it has been very inspiring to be part of WAO’s amazing work and campaigns for gender equality. There’s always so much going on and I have enjoyed the opportunity to work on different things with such a passionate, energetic and fun team at WAO!
– Tashia Peterson, WAO Member
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