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I’ve volunteered to help operate WAO’s public education booths, participate in walks and marches, assist with campaign launches, and lend a hand with logistical errands. These experiences have shown me the severity of violence against women in our society, and the challenges in amending inequality. I’ve also met so many brilliant people who are as inspiring as they are committed.

– Raif Rashide, WAO Volunteer

Volunteering with WAO has really broadened my perspectives on women’s issues. Working alongside with the Advocacy and Services team equipped me with vast knowledge on domestic violence and gender equality. This experience has prepared me better to study law as I, now, have a greater insight on women’s rights.

– Simarpreet Kaur, WAO Volunteer

Volunteering at WAO has truly been an eye opening experience. It gave me the opportunity to spread awareness to the public as to the violence against many women and children in our country, as well as become and more compassionate towards others. The staff and other volunteers at WAO are all also fantastic to work with, and it’s always inspiring to know that you are surrounded by equally passionate and hard working people! I hope the country will become better educated and better informed as to women’s rights, children’s rights, and ending discrimination of all forms.

– Jasmine Kuan, volunteer

Volunteering at WAO has been an increadible and enriching experience. It has given me the opportunity to do my part for womens rights while working with a dedicated and proffesional team of activists. Although my work was not directly involved with activism and advocacy, I was able to utilise my IT and technical knowledge to consult the staff on how to effectively digitalise their administrative processes as well as host a workshop on basics and best practices when working with Google Sheets. It has become clear to me that every little bit helps, and if you happen to have some time or some valuable skill to offer you should absolutely consider volunteering at WAO.

– David Natarajan, volunteer

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