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10 KM for 10K: Volunteers Run to Raise Funds for WAO

What happens when you mix together 2 volunteers, 10 KM and a 30 year milestone?

You get runners for a cause at the Penang Bridge Marathon!

On November 18th, 2 volunteers will be running 10 KM to raise RM 10,000.00 for WAO. And it gets better, we have one volunteer from Malaysia and one all the way from Cologne, Germany. Yes, it’s an international volunteer initiative going on this November 18th.

This fundraising initiative is very much in sync with the spirit of volunteerism that has always been central at WAO. From running activities for our women, conducting tuition classes, helping out at public education booths and organizing our media archives, volunteers and interns have a hand in it all!

So, how do these 2 volunteer plan to raise RM 10 K? Through donations from like-minded individuals like yourself. Your donation comes 100% back to WAO to keep our services and shelter homes up and running for women in need.

You can donate to this cause via our online donation portal here.  Even RM 20.00 makes a difference. Remember to send us a copy of your bank in slip with a note specifying that your donation is for the run. So go on, click here to do something good.

Here’s a little info about our volunteer runners:

Lai Ley Yoon

Ley Yoon started volunteering at WAO in September 2011. A hands  on volunteer from the start, Ley Yoon has organized several volunteer led activities for the women and children including a Mother/Child Olympic day, a sandwich making class and an  educational movie day. Ley Yoon also provides tutoring for the  children, and media monitoring

 “One morning, I woke up at 5:45 am & drove my car to my usual  jogging venue. While running, I began to ask myself ‘Why am I  doing what I am doing now?’ I want to turn this passion, this desire i  into something worthwhile. I want to run and I & run for  a reason.  WAO is the reason for this 10 km run. Even RM 30.00 goes a long  way. I appreciate your support in achieving this goal.”



Tim Katzek

Tim Katzek has been an intern at WAO for 10 months now and comes all the way from Germany. Tim is based at our Child Care Centre and has become a role model to the children who take him as their older brother. The children have benefited not only from the strong relationship they have formed with him, but also from his dedication in teaching English, Math, Science and general knowledge.

“In Jan 2012 I came all the way to the tropical country of Malaysia. Yes, I wanted to get out of cold, grey, boring Germany & see how the world is like when I am 10,000 km from home. But another reason drove me as well. I wanted to give something back. To run two homes needs a lot of money. There are many hungry mouths to feed, many fast-growing children to dress.We want to connect our passion for running with fundraising for WAO. Come on & help us, take part in our totally volunteer driven project. Your contribution is very much appreciated.

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