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Buddha : The Splendor of Enlightenment

Dear friends,

TBharathanjali Dance Academy (BDA) is organising a dance production, ‘Buddha : The Splendor of Enlightenment’ on 30 & 31 July, 2010 at the KLCC Plenary Hall in conjunction with its 20th Anniversary.

BTSOE will highlight Prince Siddharta’s experience during His search for the meaning of peace. It will show how a prince in India, a human being, gave up materialistic desires and human attachments in His quest for the truth of life and become the Buddha; thus showing that it is not impossible for each of us to lead the life of righteousness that He had preached. It highlights his birth, growing up, marriage and search for enlightenment.

It is an entertaining and colourful show with a positive message for all. It is narrated in English. Proceeds for the show will be directed to BDA’s Educational Fund, Cultural Fund and Medical Fund.

Currently two homes have been identified, i.e., the Siddhartan Care Centre or Women’s Aid Organisation Child Care Centre (WAO’s CCC) to benefit from the fund.

You can either decide to come and watch this mesmerising show yourself or give a chance to a child to watch this show.

To watch the show, tickets are at RM110, RM88, RM57 and RM35 and can be obtained from You can also e-mail to or call 017-3793003 for more information and to purchase the tickets.

Please do come watch the show. To get a preview of our show, do visit this link :



Our passion behind this show is for the kids that we will be helping. They are all from broken homes and families. These kids are not only under previleged in terms of having a family but also in terms of facilities like home tuition and dance classes, which we would be able to provide our children at home.

The children from the Siddhartan Care Centre are taking part in the dance drama and the children from WAO’s CCC have begun to go for character building classes and tuition classes.

Normally most of us would visit a home and and sponsor a meal or take them out for an outing or something one off. So we came up with this idea to raise funds to get teachers to go to these homes to give personal tuition and allow these children to attend dance classes. The fund is raised for both the class fees and transport allowance.

We are really hoping that besides coming for the show, you can also sponsor some of the children by buying tickets to the show for them. This means your money will serve 2 ways, one, the child gets to watch the show and second, it goes towards the fund above.

By giving RM1,000, you will be already sponsoring 30 children for the ticket price of RM35, or RM350 to sponsor 10 children or just RM70 to sponsor 2 children. We will give you a receipt and letter of acknowledgement which states the children you are sponsoring and the home they are from.


We want as many children to watch the show, because of the message the show carries. We hope you will assist us by doing your part in supporting these children.

Please forward this message to your family and friends.




Organising Chairperson

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