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Stop Violence And Terrorism Against Humanity

The Women’s Agenda for Change condemns all forms of violence and terrorism.

We are appalled by the terrorist attacks of September 11 on New York and Washington, and are equally appalled by the 8th October military strikes on Kabul, Jalalabad, Herat, Farah, and Kandahar, which have killed and/or endangered non-combatants.

We are very much saddened by the continuous bombing of Kabul by the US-led allies. Instead of capturing Osama bin Laden or taking the Taliban government to task as claimed by the US, civilians, women and children are getting injured and killed. The Red Cross, the Red Crescent and UN supply warehouses have been hit by cluster bombs. The bombings have now lasted for 4 weeks.

We believe that this is a crime against humanity and the bombings should be halted immediately. We want the perpetrators of the September 11 attacks to be brought to justice at an independent international court. We call upon the United Nations to take more speedy and immediate steps to stop further mindless bombings.

We believe that strategies to prevent future terrorist acts should address the root causes of political and religious extremism as we believe that PEACE cannot be achieved through violence, war and oppression of the people but through the just, democratic and non-violent means.

Women’s Agenda For Change

Women’s Agenda for Change is supported and endorsed by 90 organisations from a variety of interest areas, including women, youth, consumer, environment, unions, indigenous, religious, peace health, human rights, lawyers and grassroot groups.

Women’s Agenda for Change Organising Committee

Women’s Development Collective
All Women’s Action Society
Women’s Aid Organisation
Wanita JIM
Persatuan Sahabat Wanita
Sisters In Islam
Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall – Women’s Section
Metal Industries Employees’ Union.

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