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Dispelling the Myth on Causes of Domestic Violence

WOMEN’S Aid Organisation (WAO) is appalled by the attitudes and misinformed beliefs of the recently launched Obedient Wives Club. By propagating their views as facts, the club is being downright irresponsible.

The club’s spokesmen have been reported in the newspapers as claiming that domestic violence is caused by a wife’s lack of obedience.

Domestic violence is not and will never be the fault of the women who are subjected to it.

It is a dangerous myth that women are perceived as responsible for the actions of their abusers. Men who are violent or abusive choose to be so and must be held responsible for their own actions.

Abused women exposed to the victim-blaming attitude of the Obedient Wives Club may become reluctant to come forward and report domestic violence.

In the light of recent cases of deaths after alleged prolonged domestic violence situations, it is of utmost importance that women feel that they will be supported, not blamed, when they report their abuse.

Since 1982, WAO has sheltered a total of 2,715 women and our social workers have counselled a further 1,966 women.

Most of these women are survivors of domestic violence.

These women are brave to have come forward to seek safety and support. Their courage must be commended, and they must never be blamed for the abuse they endured.



Programme Officer,

Women’s Aid Organisation

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