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JAG Calls for Fresh Elections

The Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG) is outraged by attempts to undermine the will of voters, and demands for fresh elections in order to protect our democracy.

In GE14, Malaysians voted for reforms as promised in the Harapan Manifesto. These reforms include the advancement of women’s rights.

Attempts to form a backdoor government are undemocratic, a betrayal of voters, and a disruption to promised reforms.

Any new government must get a new mandate from the rakyat through fresh elections. Otherwise, the government would have no legitimacy.

We deserve a government with integrity, elected by the rakyat and accountable to the rakyat.

Endorsed by the following JAG member organisations:

  1. Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO)
  2. All Women’s Action Society (AWAM)
  3. Association of Women Lawyers (AWL)  
  4. Foreign Spouses Support Group (FSSG)
  5. Justice for Sisters
  6. KRYSS Network
  7. Persatuan Kesedaran Komuniti Selangor (EMPOWER)
  8. Persatuan Sahabat Wanita Selangor (PSWS)
  9. Sabah Women’s Action Resource Group (SAWO)
  10. Sarawak Women for Women Society (SWWS)
  11. Sisters in Islam (SIS)
  12. Tenaganita
  13. Women’s Centre for Change (WCC)

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