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Media Release: Meeting With Immigration Dept

The meeting today between 7 members of staff and the Exco members of WAO with the Director of Immigration Department, Dato’ Aseh bin Haji Che Mat, the Director of Enforcement Division, Encik Nasir bin Ahmad, Director of Foreign Workers, Tuan Jamel Ariffin and the Public Relations Officer, Encik Rosli Malek was positive.

The meeting addressed the role of WAO so that Immigration will have a better understanding of the workings of a Refuge as a safe house. Both WAO and Immigration discussed and developed a protocol and communication system so that the Immigration and WAO can be kept informed of Foreign Domestic Workers abuse.

With regards to the raid, the Director of Enforcement, Encik Nasir Ahmad, has assured WAO that they will investigate the matter internally as to the nature of the complaint and the behaviour of their officials.

Dato’ Aseh Haji Che Mat also said that they will meet the Police to develop proper protocol and procedures with regards to the Foreign Domestic Workers’ abuse cases pending police investigation.

WAO would like to reiterate that we would continue to make sure that the Refuge is a safe house and will not hesitate to lodge any complaint of abuse of power. We hope that the meeting between WAO and the Immigration Department is a good start to a multi-agency approach in an open and transparent manner.

Meera Samanther
President – WAO

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