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WAO: Why Are Women Marching on 18th March? 

Why WAO supports ‘Wanita Suara Perubahan’ on International Women’s Day 2012

On Sunday 18 March, a coalition of Malaysian organisations called ‘Wanita Suara Perubahan’, will gather at Padang Astaka, PJ.  The staff, members and volunteers of WAO will also be marching proudly as part of ‘Wanita Suara Perubahan’ with thousands of women from all over Malaysia demanding a clean government.

We will all be wearing white gloves. The gloves represent clean hands and symbolise clean government and as the country prepares for  next general elections, we want our elected representatives to commit to ensuring a clean government for Malaysia.

We want our political leaders to accept and realise the demands of women, which include: a government free from corruption, the introduction of a decent living wage, a better quality of life, an end to gender-based violence, the repeal of laws that restrict public assemblies and the establishment of free and fair elections.

Our demand for a corruption-free and accountable government is critical, as women are particularly vulnerable to the consequences of corruption, racism, exploitation, divisive politics and a curtailment of civil liberties.  Millions of ringgit have been misspent that should have been used to ensure adequate housing, health, transportation, education, living wages and environmental protection.  Women suffer the consequences of unjust laws as well as poor enforcement of laws relating to personal safety and gender-based violence.


  •  A clean government does not squander money.
  • A clean government includes its citizens in decision-making through genuine and open consultation.
  • A clean government ensures the impartiality and efficacy of public institutions, including the judiciary, the anti-corruption watchdog and the police force.
  • A clean government ensures the safety of its citizens from gender-based violence.
  • A clean government ensures that citizens can exercise their right to assemble peacefully.
  • A clean government has a mandate to govern only when elections are free and fair.




Ivy Josiah

Executive Director on behalf of WAO

14 March 2012

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