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WAO launches case study report on human trafficking to educate stakeholders and highlight gaps in law, policy, and response

Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) launched its latest case study report, “Human Trafficking in Malaysia: A Focus on Women and Children”, now available at

In addition to providing crisis support and shelter services to survivors of domestic violence, WAO also provides these services to survivors of human trafficking and other forms of violence against women. In its latest case study report, WAO draws on the experiences of the trafficking survivors it has assisted to examine the driving forces behind human trafficking, vulnerable populations at risk, and relevant domestic, regional, and international laws aimed at preventing trafficking and protecting survivors.

“Human trafficking is a form of exploitation and abuse of individuals who are vulnerable, and such practices should not be taking place in our country, where we uphold moral values and human dignity,” said Lainey Weiss, former WAO Advocacy Officer and author of the report.

The report also suggests recommendations to various stakeholders, including government and NGOs, to strengthen legislation and policies that protect against human trafficking, as well as to enhance the support and resources available to survivors.

“In writing this report, our aim was to inform and inspire every member of Malaysian society so that we understand that human trafficking is a systemic issue that requires collective action and a change of attitudes for it to be totally rooted out of our society,” Weiss stated, adding, “This is no time to point fingers and blame others; every one of us has a role to play in eradicating this dire social ill.”

The publication of the case study report was supported by Y.B. Datuk Paul Low Seng Kuan, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department – Governance, Integrity and Human Rights. Daniel Lo, former Special Officer (Human Rights) to Senator Datuk Paul Low, also served as a reviewer of the report.

Lo said of the need for an enhanced and collective response to trafficking, as highlighted in the report, “We are surrounded by Cinderellas, Rapunzels, and Oliver Twists, all victims of human trafficking. Unlike them, if we don’t take steps to identify them and help them, they won’t live happy ever after.”


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